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The Fearless Leaders of GRC

One of our favourite things about our stores is our great leaders! They spend the most time in our stores making sure your experience is great by educating their team, customers like you, and keeping our Green Rock stores looking beautiful and well-stocked. We've had Daniel and Sam share a bit about themselves so you could get to know our managers better.

Name: Daniel Huber

Position: Store Manager, St. Albert

What’s your favourite thing about working with GRC?: Everything you see in store, from the way something is displayed, to what we have on the menu is done by someone you can actually talk to.

What’s your favourite Cannabis cultivar?: Sour Diesel

What’s your favourite method of consumption?: Dry Herb Vape, best flavours and respect for the terpenes, in my opinion.

What’s your must-have accessory for the season?: My trusty TOQI

Fun Cannabis Fact: The energy to grow 1kg of indoor cultivated and cured bud is equivalent to what would be required to drive a standard vehicle back and forth across the US five times. So value your Cannabis, it requires immense amounts of resources to raise!

If you could share one piece of advice for a new consumer, what would it be?: Take your time learning what works for you. Have a journal, take notes on Terpenes and strains. Cannabis is as complex, if not more than wine. You get what you put into it.

Name: Sam Conn

Position: Store Manager - Lethbridge

What’s your favourite thing about working with GRC?: Well, the thing I get the most excited to tell people about is our community events board. We are eager to get into the community and that's so important with cannabis. People that already smoke know where to go. But there is still a huge disconnect from the rest of the community. Cannabis isn't just for those who want to get high.

What’s your favourite Cannabis cultivar?: Color cannabis! There is something about Pedro's Sweet Sativa that keeps me coming back every time. Pedro is actually the name of their master grower. And we all remember napoleon dynamite right? Vote for Pedro. That being said Delta-9 is a quick second on my list because of their strain names, and inexpensive prices for the big smokers like me!

What’s your favourite method of consumption?: Oh, I love my bong (water pipe). Has been my go-to for a long time.

What’s your must-have accessory for the season?: My rolling tray! I am such a messy bowl packer and my cannabis smoking spot gets a mess but the tray helps catch it all and it's easy to bring everything in and out on if you've got to go outside. Brr!!!

Fun Cannabis Fact: Not all Cannabis gives you “munchies”. You find a strain high in the terpene Humulene, you’ll find that it actually acts as an appetite suppressant than a stimulant like many other strains!

If you could share one piece of advice for a new consumer, what would it be? Come see me and ask me or my staff ALL your questions. Haha but start with CBD. I find that CBD helped me get to know the plant better after starting in the Recreational Stores. I had smoked for many years before and had never tried CBD. Most seasoned smokers haven't. You can smoke and indulge without getting really out of hand. You can learn what it can do for you. You can test out the terpenes and see what you like before adding in the high from the THC. If you like it then try a balanced strain with THC too. That's where the high kicks in. But CBD can offer so much.

Pop in-store at your local Green Rock Cannabis location to meet one of these great leaders in the Cannabis Industry!

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