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Sam's Stocking Stuffers

Not too sure what to get the cannabis lover in your family? Don't worry, we've got you covered. I know what I'd want in my stocking.

Here are Store Manager, of Green Rock Lethbridge, Sam's Stocking Stuffers for the 2020 Holiday season.

Concentrate vaporizers - Concentrates are new and upcoming on the market. Any cannabis enthusiast

would be thrilled to get one. Try the Stonesmith Slash or G-pen.

Concentrates - If you're going to grab someone a vape, you've got to get them something to fill it with. We love the White Glookies Live Hash from Good Buds.

510 carts - The 510 concentrate cartridges are one of our most popular items but you won't get much use out of them without a battery!

510 batteries - Small enough to fit in a stocking. The Toqi Bundle comes with a wireless charger. You'll hardly need to use it though because the battery life on that thing is insane.

One Hitters - The old faithful.

Dry Flower - I can only speak for myself but what better gift than cannabis itself?@CannaisseurCarrie, Director of Retail Operations recommends UP Cannabis' Ghost Train Haze to boost your holiday spirits.

Pre-rolls - Three packs, cannons, and 10 packs. Take your pick. Or take them all?

Pipes - Who doesn't want a Gandalf pipe?

Grinders - Check out the cool strain grinders we have in stock at both locations. If you get more than one you can interchange the colours.

Storage jars or containers - Where are they going to put all that weed you bought them? The Futurola Storage Tube is a great stocking stuffer item for those on the go.

Assorted papers - If your friend likes to roll joints why not get them some interesting new papers to try out? Canadian Lumber offers three different kind of papers at Green Rock Cannabis and all include a handy mobile mini rolling tray.

Fire!!! Wait, I mean... lighters and accessories. Hemp wick, toker poker and more.

I could keep going but what else am I going to show you when you come in?

Have a Happy Holidaze, Green Rockers!

Sam, Store Manager

Green Rock Cannabis Lethbridge

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