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Sam's Easy Mocha Chocolates

Hey Green Rockers!

I enjoy using cannabis oils to make edibles or to add to my tea and coffee. Cannabis oil provides an experience like edibles. Smoking shows effects almost immediately, whereas an edible typically takes a little while to kick in. Where is the fun in that, you say? Well, it may take longer to kick in, but it can also last a lot longer! I like using edibles and cannabis oils to extend the flower high that I enjoy so much. For those looking for a dose bigger than 10mg per edible, making your own chocolates can be cost-effective and allow you to control your dose. So, I started experimenting with easy edibles. This is an easy recipe I through together for some easy mocha chocolates.

Sam’s Easy Mocha Chocolates


Your favourite cannabis oil. Mine is the Houndstooth peppermint spray by Tweed. It adds a nice peppermint flavour to your recipe.

A chocolate mould tray or an ice cube tray

Instant Coffee. I like to use a bit of instant coffee to soak up any excess oil that may be present.

Your favourite kind of chocolate. When I first made these, I picked an Aero bar, and it was delicious.

Step 1: Get your ice cube tray out and put in the desired dosage of Infused oil you would want into each individual ice cube slot. This allows for a controlled dose depending on your tolerance level.

Step 2: Put in your instant coffee, or sugar to soak up some of the oil before adding the chocolate.

Step 3. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler on the stove. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can use a glass bowl over a pot of slow boiling water. You can add a bit of milk or milk alternative to get a runnier consistency. I found when the melted chocolate was thicker, I got an almost fudge-like texture to the chocolates.

Step 4. Once your chocolate is melted, you simply add some chocolate into each tray of the ice cube tray.

Step 5. Mix chocolate and oil together with a fork or toothpick.

Step 6: Put ice cube tray in the freezer for fast-acting, or fridge if you have some patience!

That’s it! Easy DIY chocolates!

Sam Conn

Store Manager – Green Rock Cannabis Lethbridge

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