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Humidity Control in Cannabis with Jim

We all enjoy those fluffy, sticky buds, their pungent aroma filling the air. How do we best prolong the quality of flower and help preserve the terpene profile responsible for the amazing Aroma?

Humidity play s a large role in every stage of cannabis, from germination all the way to consuming it. Studies have shown that cannabis best retains its composition between 58-63% RH (Relative Humidity – how much water is in the air). Above this threshold, mold and bacteria can form and are unhealthy to consume. Below that threshold, and the trichomes become brittle, causing them to shatter and fall the bud. Since the majority of our Cannabinoids and terpenes are contained in the trichomes, having fewer of them is less than ideal.

LP’s, or Licensed Producers, use drying rooms with carefully maintained and monitored humidity and temperature. As consumers, we can also do a few things to keep our cannabis fresh, without having to dedicate an entire room (or more!)

Step 1 is choosing a container to store your cannabis in. Most LP’s have chosen to go with plastic containers, with some choosing to go with other options like glass, bags, and even metal tins. While all of these options are sufficient, glass is often viewed as superior. Because glass is an inert material, it won’t leach anything into or out of your cannabis, like plastic might. Glass also doesn’t produce static electricity as easily, which can cause trichomes and plant matter to stick to the sides of your container. And we’ve already established that having fewer trichomes isn’t what we’re aiming for. Plastic retains the advantage of being accessible and economical while allowing a variety of looks and colours. Coloured glass to help diffuse or block the sunlight prevents UV rays from breaking down your cannabis. If using a clear container, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

So, we have a container. Now what? Well, as we said, cannabis is best stored between 58-63% RH, so how do we get the air inside our container to those levels? We look to 2-way humidity packs, like Boveda or Integra. These specially designed packages will draw or release moisture into the surrounding air, keep the RH Value at ~62%. Throwing a Boveda into your stash Jar can keep your cannabis buds fluffy, fresh and sticky for up to 6 months, and be reused from strain to strain.


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