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How to Pick a Cannabis Brand/Producer

There are 105 Cannabis Brands in Alberta now and that leaves most of us wondering, how do I pick a brand right for me? There are many things to consider and we've helped make the process a bit easier for our customers.

Green Rock Cannabis Brand Categories

We have broken up our brands into a few unique categories for you to consider. Here's a few tips.


Brands that are within 300 km of our Green Rock Cannabis location you are shopping at. We understand many customers love supporting local, as do we! You will find brands like Made By, Aurora, Stigma Grow, Boaz, and Sundial within this category.


These are brands that focus on sustainability, whether that be water conservation, outdoor growing methods, in-house recycling programs, or programs you find in our store to recycle your products.

You will find brands like Good Buds, Symbl, and Color Cannabis within this category.


As we become more conscious of what we put in our bodies, we wanted to shout out those brands who focus on Organic grow processes. You will find brands like Emerald Health, The Green Organic Dutchman, Canna Farms and Whistler within this category.

Best of the Rest

While they might not fit into the above categories, these are brands that we love and know you would as well! Our products are curated by Cannabis Consumers who have a love for Canadian Cannabis. Award winning brands like 7ACRES and Broken Coast are only a few that fit into our Best of the Rest category.

Try It Out

These are brands that are either new or not commonly carried at Green Rock Cannabis. We want to know your feedback on these so please share your experiences with our Community Ambassadors in store.

Are we missing one of your favourite products in store? If so, please shoot us an email at info@greenrockcannabis.ca or speak to a Community Ambassador in store. Be sure to follow us on Social Media to share your favourite picks. We will always do our best to bring in requests for Cannabis and Accessory products.

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