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From the Kitchen with Chef Daniel

Now that we have successfully unveiled several sessions of our “Cooking with Cannabis” class at Green Rock Cannabis St. Albert we have been able to meet and greet several interested Cannabis consumers looking to marry their love for food with their newfound (or sometimes long standing) love of Cannabis infused edibles.

The classes are held first and third Thursdays of each month at our St. Albert location and cover the basics of cooking with Cannabis as well as many tips and tricks. We also cover common mistakes I have seen as a Cannabis Chef come to the forefront due to misinformation and the endless amount of Chefs looking to jump into the ring and stake their claim in an emerging and exciting industry.

Some information is subjective and ends up being about personal taste and what you have access to but there are some steadfast rules and mistakes home cooks make when approaching Cannabis.

I have put together a small list here of mistakes as well as tips to help you lay down the basis for safe, economical, and fun Cannabis creations at home!

Pro Tips:

1. Cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in cannabis, have been established as lipophilic or fat-soluble. This means that cannabinoids break down or dissolve drastically more efficient in fats or lipids, instead of water. Ergo utilizing a fat (butter, oil) will help enhance and facilitate the THC being absorbed with the highest bioavailability (bodies ability to absorb maximum amount of THC) in your food.

2. Recipe choice: Don’t limit yourself to just desserts. Want to infuse an oil but don’t want to burn off the THC? Make a traditional Pizza and drizzle the infused oil atop the fresh-from-the-oven creation. Incorporate an infused oil into a fresh emulsified vinaigrette. Add your “decarbed” Cannabis to a tasty and sweet buttercream atop cupcakes. The possibilities are limited to your imagination.

3. Coarse grind not a fine grind. The flavor profile of Cannabis is such that a finer grind in your infusion will impart a more herbal flavor. Break apart your bigger bud pieces but “decarbing” will occur at the proper temps regardless of the texture profile of the herb.

4. Think economical. Bulk purchase items such as “Oz Bags” or other large purchases are great ways to use the potency of THC without breaking the bank. Its best to use a uniform strain for cooking to keep the same flavor and aromatic profile.

Save the premium bud for the pipe, bong, vape or joint!

5. Use an appliance if possible. Uniform efficient “decarbs” will always yield maximum THC retention.

6 Test your potency (start low and go slow). A great home Chef always tests their food and this is no different with Cannabis infusions. Testing potency, going “low and slow” ensures you have a great experience and manage dosage in a safe and fun fashion.

Remember trial and error in a safe environment with the “start low and go slow” mantra is the best way to figure out what works best for you, your cooking and your overall Cannabis experience. Once you hone in on what works and what doesn’t, you end up being empowered to make informed, safe and most importantly delicious decisions.

Chef Daniel

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