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From the Kitchen with Chef Daniel

Dosage and Cooking with Cannabis.

One of the single most important aspects of Cooking with Cannabis is figuring out a dosage that works for you and provides for a fun and safe experience. Health Canada has ensured Cannabis retailers give a great starting point to consumers by capping Cannabis edibles off at no more than 10mg THC per package. Meaning it might be one chocolate bar, five gummies, one cookie or a beverage. No matter the form it will not exceed 10mg of content per package.

Which when beginning your journey with Cannabis, Community Ambassadors at Green Rock Cannabis will recommend you “start low and go slow” and sort out your optimal and safe dosing level by pacing yourself. 5-10 mg of Cannabis is a good starting point to gauge your sensitivity to THC in this form. As each consumer has a variety of biological factors that effect how strong the footprint Cannabis has in their system, it is recommended working up to a comfortable dosage. As we have all heard about the pitfalls of taking too much too quickly and the opposite of fun that can be.

So “dosing” with Cannabis oils, made by you or found in store at Green Rock allows you to think outside the box without breaking the bank AND ensuring a uniform experience. What does this mean? Well instead of making a batch of chocolate cupcakes and adding your Cannabis oil as a substitute for the called upon amount of oil required. Play it safe: Make those cupcakes like normal and utilize a store-bought Cannabis oil with a quantifiable amount of THC in mg form to figure out what an appropriate amount is per cupcake and add to that measure. Remember “start low and go slow”.

Have an Oil dropper that’s 23mg/ml? Know the safe and comfortable dosage is 10 mg for you? Well then give yourself shy of 45% of a ml of oil. Even simpler terms find a 10mg/ml THC Oil and dose 1 ml per cupcake. Keep in consideration shelf life of the food and your plans for the week and don’t overshoot your production. This method allows you to reserve some cupcakes for non-THC consumption but remember to mark products with a flared toothpick or set aside after production to ensure safety and responsible storage. Also ensure whatever recipe you are using doesn’t require a high heat, which will burn off that precious THC you spent time and money on.

Make it even easier and make yourself a delicious smoothie and dose with a nice “1:1” which is equal parts THC and CBD. Which is always my preferred method of consumption. Mix and enjoy with the piece of mind of knowing that you have exactly the dosage you are seeking out!

The possibilities are endless but remember that just as learning how to bake a loaf of bread or make an amazing meal. Your Cannabis journey requires patience, planning and ensuring you follow the guidelines and pick and choose the best product for your application as well as the safe consumption level for you personally. Play by your own rules but realize we all have different tolerance levels that require investment that may take multiple sessions to lock in.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

Chef Daniel

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