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From the Kitchen with Chef Daniel

Cooking with Cannabis can be an intimidating prospect. Mustering up the courage to tackle cooking alone is a feat unto itself. Let alone throwing the complexity of Cannabis in the mix but breath easy, it can be done. 

Cannabis cooking and edibles can be made at home in a safe, fun and responsible fashion. It is just a matter of mastering some basic techniques and considerations that I will be unveiling as we go over the course of the next few weeks and the immediate future

In store Education sessions are held first and third Thursday in September at Green Rock Cannabis St. Albert (#530 - 700 St Albert Trail - Besides Chatters in the Walmart parking lot), with tickets being FREE and available on Eventbrite (just search for Cooking with Cannabis) for these 18+ events. A link can also be found on our Events Calendar. So, put us in your calendar and make it a socially distanced date night for you and a friend, family member or spouse who just needs some positive reinforcement and educated encouragement. 

The first step to understanding how to Cook with Cannabis is mastering the very basic and scientifically base part of “Decarbing”, which for the science nerds, is an abbreviated term for decarboxylation. Which is the act of adding a thermal source to convert inactive THC-A into THC. For those consuming a pre-roll joint or using a bong or pipe to consume, the heat source used in those methods does that job for you. For those looking to create edibles with Cannabis, it requires some legwork to ensure that THC is activated and ready to use in whatever form you desire. 

Leafly showcases the Jar Method

Old school methods include the Jar Method, oven baking, water decarbing and many others. The most prominent would be the old “throw it in the oven for a half hour” and let the oven do the work. Which to this day works as a quick and easy method to activate your bud. Only problem is home ovens are notoriously inefficient and harbour constant heat fluctuations. Which during the “decarb” process can lead to an efficiency loss of 1/3 of your precious THC being burnt off. Now it can be done and continues to be utilized by Chefs and home cooks alike, to this day.

But new products on the market that focus solely on these methods activate your THC at a steady and efficient temperature and time range. Such as the Levo II or the Ongrok Botanical Infuser available at Green Rock St Albert. Which has three settings that make it as easy as depositing the Cannabis into the activation compartment, pressing a few buttons and voila! Infused Oils, butters, topicals and much more. The world is your oyster. 

If you don’t wanna go shucking and do it the old-school method. Its quite as simple as breaking your Bud into small jellybean like nugs and spreading out evenly on a baking sheet (with tinfoil) at the desired temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 mins. No more, no less. 

What you will be left with (after allowing for cooling) is activated Cannabis, ready to be made into a nice Oil based dressing, creamy butter or topical. The options are endless and limited only to your imagination! 

Stay tuned each week as I add recipes for you to work with and pro tips and tricks for maximizing your experience with Cannabis, cooking or otherwise!

Chef Daniel 

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