Danksgiving Gravy with Cannaisseur Carrie

My last infused gravy on Instant Pot Roast Beef

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite times of the year. It's that last bit of warm air as the leaves slowly fall. It's the time we can transition into comfy sweaters, cozy leggings, and enjoy our last few campfires with friends and family.

Two years ago, I challenged myself on making my first infused gravy prior to heading to our Friendsgiving. Rather than basting my entire turkey in a Cannabis oil, I wanted an alternative option for those who wanted to indulge. I find it so much easier to infuse the add-ons of a meal rather than the main component. You can dose a little or alot, depending on your tolerance level.

Here's one of my favourite infused gravy recipes:

Start by heating up your liquids in a sauce pan. Slowly add your flour. Finish with seasonings (adjust to taste).

If you prefer a thinner gravy, opt for less flour or more broth. If you want a thicker option, rather than adding more flour, keep it on the heat and whisk for a bit longer.

This gravy is easy enough to make ahead of time if you use a chicken broth rather than pan drippings. My

favourite is making it with 1 cup of pan drippings and 1 cup of chicken broth. I typically check on my turkey within the last 45 minutes of cooking and will pull some of the dripping out at that time to have my gravy completed prior to pulling the turkey out to carve.

Don't forget to have a non-infused option for those who don't wish to consume Cannabis with their delicious Thanksgiving meal!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends and Family of GRC!

Cannaisseur Carrie

Director of Retail Operations

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