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Cooking with the LEVO II

The LEVO II Oil Infusing machine in the hands of your average “foodie” is at minimum, an excellent

addition to your culinary toolkit. For any Cannabis consumer from beginner to expert, the LEVO II is a game changing machine.

Designed to ergonomically, quickly and efficiently

provide a “herb” based infused oil. Utilized in an easy fashion, Cannabis can be used in several different ways to elevate your cooking, Cannabis or cooking with Cannabis experience.

Three main modes allow for a “dry activation” “warm up” and “infuse”. The brass tax being if you have some Cannabis you want to “decarb”, well the LEVO II has you covered. Simply fill its extremely easy-to-use self straining Herb Pod. Lock it into its magnetic slot and program with a handy app on your smartphone or the unit itself.

If you want to infuse an oil to create a Cannabis kissed infusion to use for a Salad or pasta topping. “Warm up” (activate) your pre-milled herb, this marvel of modern technology will activate your herb in the desired temperature zone (240 F) for 30 mins and you simply choose “Infuse” next. Fill the chamber with your oil of choice and voila! After the infusing cycle runs, you have a Cannabis infused Oil, topical cream or “butter”! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Chef Pro Tip, “decarbing” or activating your Cannabis the old method. By oven, has been tested to be quite inefficient in maintain a steady decarb temperature. Home ovens fluctuate often and these fluctuations end up being detrimental in product loss. Leading to almost a 1/3 of THC loss in your home decarb. Utilizing the LEVO II will ensure minimal THC burn and with that efficiency, a multi purpose tool such as the LEVO II pays for itself, with a seasoned Cannabis cook and your average foodie in a matter of months!

LEVO II fueled. Roasted Garlic, Rosemary and Cannabis Alfredo

Chef Daniel

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