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Cleaning and Maintenance of your Cannabis Accessories

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

With COVID-19 (also known as Corona virus) being a topic in most homes and workplaces over the last month, I wanted to talk about how important it is to protect and minimize germs and bacteria in your essential Cannabis accessories and when consuming with friends. We sometimes forget and make it habit to maintain our tools only when we notice an off taste or that murky layer in your bong. But should you set yourself a schedule to tend to those items? Our answer: Yes! How often? We’ll get to that!

Cleaning Solutions

Always be sure to have a good cleaning solution on hand. Ensure the solution you pick is safe for your item. My favourite cleaning solution is Resolution Gel and was first gifted to me by CannaParents.com founder, Danielle Mcinnis. Danielle shares a passion for glassware like myself and understands the importance of terpene flavour, taste, and keeping yourself safe from bacteria. Resolution Gel is safe for glass and metal and doesn’t contain any alcohol or abrasive materials.

Vape Maintenance

While vapes don’t tend to appear dirty as quickly as a bong or pipe, it’s important not only for your safety but also for the longevity of your device to follow a regular cleaning schedule. Ensure you are using a cleaning kit designed for vapes to avoid breakdown of any metals or components inside your vape. I have always used the Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit. It breaks down build-up and has all the tools and cleaning essentials I need to get into tough spots inside my vaporizer.

Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are a quick and easy way to sanitize your pieces quickly and efficiently. Make sure to throw them in your cleaning tool kit and use them between regular maintenance.


There’s nothing worse than sharing a joint with a friend, only to

find out they are getting over a cold or flu. Consider rolling smaller joints for each consumer and avoid sharing a joint when possible, especially if you are feeling under the weather. Glass tips, or joint filters, are another great way to share if everyone has a filter tip of their own.  

Bongs & Bubblers

There are many different bongs available that offer features for easy cleaning. When selecting a bong, be cognizant of how much maintenance will go into it and how often you will need to clean it. Most of all, never leave stagnant water in your bong. Always be sure to dump out your water, rinse, and dry your bong or bubbler as best you can after every use. One of our top picks is the Session Goods Bong, which offers a silicone bottom that can be completely removed, allowing you easy access to the inside of your bong for cleaning purposes.


Just like bongs, consider the maintenance it will require before purchasing. Don’t forget to regularly clean or replace your pipe screens to avoid further bacteria. Consider switching to a glass screen that can easily be cleaned. Use a cleaning solution, like Resolution Gel, to clean your pipes free of bacteria and resin.

One hitters

One hitters are a great way to consume small amounts without passing back and forth to a friend. There are many different designs and materials used to create one hitters. A small glass option might be the best in terms of maintaining it, but maybe not as eye-appealing like a wooden or acrylic option.

Silicone Pieces

In addition to using a cleaning solution, you can start by moistening your silicone bong or pipe and throwing it into a freezer for a day. When it’s frozen inside, remove it and twist to crack off frozen build up inside. Complete cleaning by using a bottle or cleaning brush and hot soapy water. While most silicone items are dishwasher safe, I never use this method for my items as it’s hard to catch my dishwasher empty.

How often should I be cleaning my accessories?

That question depends on how often you are using it and if you share your pieces with others. I make it a regular habit to clean my shared items every week and every two weeks for my personally used items. There’s no reason you can’t clean more often.

Cleaning is not only important for health and safety reasons but also improves the taste and flavour as mentioned. There’s nothing better than packing a new bowl of something you’ve never tried into a freshly cleaned piece. The punch of flavour and smoothness will make you think twice about waiting long periods between cleanings.

Wash your hands regularly along with my song guide below. If you don't know this great song, feel free to simply sing the ABC's. 

Stay safe and I wish you and your family health as we get through this tough time together.

Carrie Cemka


Director of Retail Operations

Green Rock Cannabis

For other tips and risk prevention from Covid-19, please reference the Government of Canada’s updates:


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