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Cannabis Topicals with Kathryn

Many people have heard of topicals, but not many people know much else about them. This is thanks to the long-standing prohibition on cannabis and cannabis derivatives! While research on topicals is still limited, more and more research is being done every day!

With legalization, more and more of the public are becoming interested in cannabis and the different products available to them on the legal market! An option growing in popularity is topicals! Many people are looking for localized relief without the intense psychoactive effects of ingesting cannabis, so many are turning to topicals!

Due to the limited research on topicals, not much is known about them. It’s hypothesized that the epidermis (or skin) acts as a barrier that prevents and/or reduces the absorption of cannabinoids like THC or CBD. This leads many people to believe that there is little to no psychoactive effect from topicals, no matter how much or how often you apply your topical! So, grandma can feel free to use her cannabis cream without too much worry about the psychoactive effects! However, due to the lack of research, it is always important to carefully test products in small amounts until you know exactly what works for you.

With all the research going into cannabis since legalization, I’m sure we won’t be waiting too long until more medical studies are released on the potential benefits or usage recommendations of topicals, but for now, it’s all a trial and error basis. Always make sure to educate yourself as much as possible before trying cannabis products for the first time, but don’t panic! Anything purchased at your legal cannabis store has been through all types of testing and quality control to ensure you go home with the best product possible.

At Green Rock Cannabis, we have some awesome topical options, such as our Extra Strength Balanced Body Lotion from Apothecanna, or our Transdermal CBD Cream from Livrelief! These are great options for anyone looking to try topicals or looking to try something a little different!


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