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Cannabis 2.0, is it worth the hype?

Cannabis 2.0 is a common industry phase to describe the legalization of additional cannabis derivative products including cannabis infused beverages, edibles, and concentrates used in vaping which became effective in late 2019.

So, is Cannabis 2.0 worth the hype? We think so. With the onset of Cannabis 2.0 products, consumers are now able to find different ways to consume cannabis. This allows a wide variety of individuals, ranging from a person who has just reached legal age and wants to try something new, to an older individual who may benefit from the effects of cannabis consumption but is not inclined to smoke – there is now something for everyone, whether you would like to smoke, drink or eat the cannabis to enjoy the effects.

Did you know there are Cannabis 2.0 products in both THC and CBD formats?

Although Cannabis 2.0 is very exciting, in that it will allow more people to try and enjoy the effects of cannabis, there some early things for you to be aware of: i) supply: license producers are only releasing initial products to the market due to resources to develop products but also the need to test the receptivity of the market; ii) product quality: expect the initial batch of products to require improvement in formulation to adjust flavour profiles and onset times this will be an iterative process (products go through the same regulatory safety screening as flower products); and iii) Retail location capacity: even if products are available, some current retail locations are not currently built for Cannabis 2.0 products where safe sizes are inadequate to store sufficient inventory and the prospects of the requirement for refrigeration for beverages and certain edibles like chocolates may exasperate supply issues.

This full integration of Cannabis 2.0 will require time, but we believe as more products hit the market and product quality improves, these products have the ability to provide consumers with multiple consumption options to suit their different lifestyles.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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